Fleet Safety Tools And Management Software

Get the only cell phone safety tool seamlessly integrated with telematics.

By integrating with telematics, ORIGOSafeDriver is able to perfect the connection between drivers, their phones, and your fleet.

ORIGOSafeDriver is an incredibly effective cell phone safety solution with astonishing results for fleets around the world. Our partnership with Geotab allows us to seamlessly integrate the most powerful cell phone safety solution with the global leader in telematics. That’s why ORIGOSafeDriver is the most robust fleet safety and management tool on the market.

Access All Your Info From A Single Dashboard

Complete integration with zero compromises.

ORIGOSafeDriver has worked in direct partnership with Geotab to entirely integrate our renowned cell safety platform with their powerful telematics desktop and mobile dashboard.

Our team went beyond simply piecing together an after-the-fact connection, and we did the hard work of a perfect, seamless integration to make your fleet management effective and simple. Whether you are already a Geotab customer, or you’d like to become one, the setup is simple and easy!

Take a proactive approach to your fleet’s safety.

Reduce distracted driving and mobile device use on the road.

You deserve more than a delayed, reactive safety notification after distracted driving has occurred in one of your vehicles… especially when mobile device use is the cause of 25% of all commercial crashes. You don’t need a new policy or more driver training. With ORIGOSafeDriver, you can rest easy with a proven, simple system that eliminates distractions and prevents crashes before they ever happen.

Cell phone safety has a proven ROI. Prevent avoidable crashes, reduce downtime and liability, and save money on insurance premiums.

We are here for you.

Here is what our customers have experienced.

“Since we installed these devices we have not had one accident that was our fault. We believe in this device, and we’re encouraged about developments that will just improve an already great solution!”

“In the 12 months before installing the ORIGO system, we had 5 company vehicle crashes and lost $300,000 due to distracted driving. 48 months later, we’ve had ZERO crashes.”

“The ORIGO system has changed my drivers’ behavior to the point where I’m positive that I could deactivate the system today, and they would never notice.”

Get the info you need.

ORIGOSafeDriver is pleased to help you improve your fleet management and cell phone safety with industry research, actionable data, and helpful insights.

Industry leading cell phone safety and telematics with no compromise.

Get all the features you need to manage your fleet.

Proactive Cell Phone Safety & Real Time Coaching

Enforce company policies and change driver behavior with a proven, active safety system that prevents crashes, stops handheld phone use while driving, and provides active coaching.

Driver Safety Reporting & Risk Management

Our system is the closest thing to being in the cab with your drivers. Easily track and analyze driver behavior, gain deep insights, and identify not only your high-risk drivers, but your safest drivers too.

Limit Calls & Require Driver Compliance

Per your safety policy, customize drivers’ capabilities to make calls, allowing just hands free calling or even a no-call policy. Enforce 100% employee compliance by identifying when drivers aren’t logged in.

Prevent Theft, Unauthorized, & After Hours Use

If someone steals a vehicle, you’ll know right away and be able to track the location in real time. Match certain drivers to specific vehicles and receive notifications when vehicles are used outside of your parameters.

Fuel Management & Preventive Maintenance

Track fuel usage and vehicle idle time to reduce fuel consumption. Automated reminders and integrated maintenance tracking help easily identify and prioritize maintenance tasks to prevent vehicle wear and reduce downtime.

Risk & Safety Telematics Tracking

Tracking telematics and predictive analytics identify risky driving behavior before incidents ever occur. Driver performance is based on key metrics such as speeding, harsh braking, acceleration, cornering, and more.