Proactive Cell Phone Safety Solutions

Change your safety culture and improve driver behavior.

Cell phone safety policies are great to have in place. But how do you know your drivers are following policy? With ORIGOSafeDriver, you can rest assured that your safety policy is being enforced. With our proactive cell phone safety solution, not only will you prevent dangerous cell phone related events, you also change your drivers’ behavior. Isn’t that what cell phone safety is all about?

Driver Safety Reporting

Reward your safest drivers. Identify high risk drivers.

Technology is allowing businesses to make more informed decisions every day. Our robust cell phone safety solution allows you more insight into your fleet. Ever wonder if a hard-breaking event occurred because the driver was distracted by their phone? Along with active coaching for drivers, ORIGOSafeDriver can also tell you when and where drivers tried to use their phones, and how fast the driver was going. Reward your safest drivers and retrain your high-risk drivers.

Benefit from the seamless integration with telematics.

Harness the combined power of ORIGOSafeDriver and Geotab.

You can’t be in more than one place at a time…unless you have ORIGOSafeDriver. With our active coaching, you are in the passenger seat with your drivers. If drivers try to use their phones while their vehicle is in motion, they will immediately hear an audible notification reminding them to focus on the road.

Plus, you can save real money. We’ve talked with many companies who have to reimburse drivers for cell phone safety data transferred from their phones…as much as $30 a month for each driver! Not only is that expensive it can result in the employee’s phone battery being drained. By partnering with Geotab and their comprehensive telematics, we eliminate both the phone data use and battery consumption problems by pinging hardware instead of the driver’s phone.

We are here for you.

Here is what our customers have experienced.

“Since we installed these devices we have not had one accident that was our fault. We believe in this device, and we’re encouraged about developments that will just improve an already great solution!”

“In the 12 months before installing the ORIGO system, we had 5 company vehicle crashes and lost $300,000 due to distracted driving. 48 months later, we’ve had ZERO crashes.”

“The ORIGO system has changed my drivers’ behavior to the point where I’m positive that I could deactivate the system today, and they would never notice.”

Get the info you need.

ORIGOSafeDriver is pleased to help you improve your fleet management and cell phone safety with industry research, actionable data, and helpful insights.