Fleet Management Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is here for you.

Tackling something as big as fleet management and cell phone safety can seem like a daunting task. Our team will be right by your side, answer your questions, and help you find the best solution. Read below for some common questions, but please feel free to contact us with any others!

What are the first steps when working with ORIGOSafeDriver?

Our team takes a no-pressure approach to helping you select the best fleet management and cell phone safety solution. Every fleet is different. We want to hear your goals, help you refine and optimize your objectives, and suggest customized solutions that directly address your needs.

What does ORIGOSafeDriver do?

After being rear ended by a distracted driver, our founder developed a passion for reducing crashes due to cell phone use. In the process of developing the best, most effective solution on the market, the importance of integrating vehicle telematics became more and more apparent. ORIGOSafeDriver then partnered with Geotab to natively integrate their telematics solution, built from the ground up with no compromises. That is what ORIGOSafeDriver is all about.

Does ORIGOSafeDriver work with companies like mine?

Some companies might worry we’re too big. Some companies might worry we’re too small. We’re neither. We love the massive scale and million-dollar differences we can make for big companies, and we’re equally excited to help small business thrive. At the heart of these businesses is the same passion, the same hard-working people, and the same goals to optimize fleet management and make the roads safer for everyone.

What is your pricing?

We would never do you the disservice of giving you a price without understanding your situation. Our goal is to provide companies with well-defined project scopes and tailored solutions to meet their specific fleet management and safety goals. You’ll know the complete pricing, from beginning-to-end, so you can budget and understand everything included in your solution. Fleets can expect to see 2-5 times return on investment with ORIGOSafeDriver.

Does ORIGOSafeDriver work on iOS (Apple) and Android phones and tablets?

ORIGOSafeDriver works perfectly on both iOS and Android devices. With easy iOS and Android device pairing to the ORIGOSafeDriver hardware, and app downloads in the Apple and Google Play stores, you can be sure your fleet is protected!

Can drivers place and receive calls while a vehicle is in motion?

Per your safety policy, customize drivers’ capabilities to make calls, allowing just hands free calling or even a no-call policy. Depending on the phone’s OS, drivers will either see a black screen or the ORIGOSafeDriver “driving” screen while the vehicle is in motion. This effectively eliminates visual distractions while driving.