Prevent Fleet Crashes and Stop Dangerous Cell Phone Usage While Driving

ORIGOSafeDriver uses the power of telematics to make cell phone safety what it should be.

ORIGOSafeDriver has listened to the needs of fleet managers around the world…so we developed an effective and powerful solution that is remarkably easy to manage.

ORIGOSafeDriver is an integrated app and telematics solution that keeps drivers accountable and removes the temptation to use their phones while driving. By pairing telematics hardware that syncs with a mobile app, you will now be able to enforce cell phone safety policies once your vehicles go into motion. All a driver has to do is log in to the app once and then can remain logged in. No further action is required to make the technology functional. If a user tries to drive a company vehicle without having logged into the app, they will be alerted to log in — and will continue to hear a beep until a log in occurs. If, after two minutes, the driver still hasn’t logged in, the fleet manager will receive an SMS notification and can take the appropriate action.

Harness The Industry-Leading Power of Geotab

Built from the ground up, natively integrated, all in direct partnership with Geotab.

In 2021, fleet managers no longer have the time to jump from screen to screen and app to app gathering and compiling vital fleet data. That’s why fleet administrators only need the MyGeotab app to access their dashboard anywhere. Track one vehicle, or thousands, right from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Everything – from the groundbreaking vehicle hardware designed specifically for this system, to the powerful ORIGOSafeDriver app for drivers, and the online or mobile app dashboard that provides all the info in one place – was built to work seamless and harmoniously to let you concentrate on your job.

Your drivers can download, install, and set up the app in minutes…and never touch it again.

Installing the app is a breeze.

By pairing easy-to-plug-in hardware that syncs with a mobile app, once your driver’s vehicle goes into motion, phone-associated and visual distractions are removed. If desired, hands free calls via Bluetooth can be allowed by the administrator. All drivers have to do is log into the ORIGOSafeDriver app once during initial set up. From there, they can remain logged in. No further action is required to make the technology functional.

With ORIGOSafeDriver, drivers can’t ignore the rules, and fleets can stop dangerous distracted driving behavior before it even happens.

Drivers simply access the Apple or Google Play store, download the app for free, and then go about their business. See below for operating-system specific instructions.

IOS App Installation

Android App Installation

Company Tablet App Installation

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Here is what our customers have experienced.

“Since we installed these devices we have not had one accident that was our fault. We believe in this device, and we’re encouraged about developments that will just improve an already great solution!”

“In the 12 months before installing the ORIGO system, we had 5 company vehicle crashes and lost $300,000 due to distracted driving. 48 months later, we’ve had ZERO crashes.”

“The ORIGO system has changed my drivers’ behavior to the point where I’m positive that I could deactivate the system today, and they would never notice.”

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